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These are the rules Empty These are the rules

Post  [-Sir Jesus-] on Sun Jan 18, 2009 8:28 am

Ok these ae pretty simple to follow.
- Be literate, No speaking 1337 or leet, unless a war is declared, also no text speak, meaning no abbreviations like u, r, y, thx, or plz That is just retarded.

-Next is Be considerate, Dont argue over pointless topics that could be settled by just ignoring it. If it is something serious like Threats and death notes, I WILL get involved, and not only ban that person but I will personally talk to them In school.

- Dont invite people outside of Cuyahoga County Ohio, Ok this is sorta self explanatory, I'd like to keep this localized for at least a year, and if people start joining from all over the country I can't stop death threats from happening can I?

- Listen to the admins and Moderators. I'm an admin and Chris is an admin. I will promote One more as soon as I have a full list on who is joining. Just listen and Don't just brush off our warnings, We do have the power to ban you and will use it with justice.

- This for admins, so members can just skip it. DO NOT ABUSE POWER. If I find out in school that you just randomly banned someone without justifiably cause, I will ban you from this site and NOT let you rejoin.

-Romance is fine, just in the role plays and such Keep it Pg-13, if your starting to Cyber, I will delete the post and tell you to keep that stuff to Private messages. Seriously if your Role playing heres what you do.
Example Post: Balthazaar walked to the door and then turned his head to see raven starting to undress. He smiled playfully. "This is going to be fun." He said while unbuckling his pants and closing the door.- end of post.

This is the right way to give hints, not-
"Hey I wanna has sex wiff you!" The guy Im talking to says "okey!" then I pull down his jeans and start to-- end of post

That is what NOT TO DO!.

-Don't take control of another persons RP character unless they say its ok. I will delete all posts that were posted by that character unless I get the Go ahead that you are allowed to.

- Have fun, Don't join because one of your friends is here, Join because all of your friends are here. I created this so People would have fun and talk to each other. Don't Join and stay inactive, That will prompt me to think that you are neglecting the site.

These are the rules, Obey them and no problems will ensue.
[-Sir Jesus-]
[-Sir Jesus-]

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